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With this program, you can fight by managing aircraft. There are 2 levels in the game, these are: Classic combat section Mission completion section Classic combat section: In this section you fight until your plane drops, that is, until the enemy planes drop you. In this episode, enemy planes arrive 4 by 4 each and they never stop until you fall, the goal is to drop as many planes as you can. Mission completion section: In this section, you are trying to complete the tasks that the game will give you. Sometimes you fight with planes, sometimes with bombers, sometimes with tanks firing from the earth, and sometimes with all of them, especially the last episode in the task section is quite challenging, you may even need to spend half an hour for this section. The game already tells you what you need to do before you start your mission, in writing, so "what do I do now?" You don't have to ask yourself questions. In the game, the control keys are loaded as W-A-S-D, but if you wish, you can set them with your mouse in the settings section (the setting section will appear on your screen without opening the game.). You must click the left mouse button to fire your plane, and click the right mouse button to drop bombs (based on your limited number of missions). Another feature of the game is that you can interfere with the appearance of the game by changing the files in the directory where it is installed, we do not recommend this to high-level users, but it would be nice to arrange the game for yourself. To do this, browse through the folders and edit the image files with any image editor (even Windows Paint application.), And the sections you change in the game will look different.
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