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Familonet Where are you now answer within the question in a heartbeat! Location reporting is a free application.

Family, friends and provides easy to stay in contact with other people in your life. Where and how will they be kept informed. According to other embodiments the battery saving! Integrated panic button thanks to the trust and feel protected: Allows you to send the right location in an emergency. DAILY LIFE AND EASILY the BEST WAY TO ORGANIZED! PREVIOUSLY IDENTIFIED AREAS: "My mother got home." Group members of school, work or home safely to the places they had suffered permanent arrive automatically, be aware when they leave.

LIVE POSITIONING: If necessary, you follow the real-time location of group members. yourself that the time interval in which the berlirl! ? MULTIPLE GROUPS: create individual groups for anyone in your life: family, friends, roommates and other small groups. ? CHECK-IN: where members of the group with whom he is, what he has done. ? PANIC BUTTON: Just send the location to request help from group members as needed. This option is more freedom to get to know the parents of the children, it helps them feel more confident and independent grown plants themselves elderly.

CHAT: Share of group members with the highest data security standard messages and visuals. ? PHOTO ALBUM: All images are no longer together! Save all the moments you share photo albums Group. All features at a glance: ? Children, parents and more freedom for the elderly and less worry. ? With the highest standards of data security, messaging and sharing. ? Parents provide their children even when away from being close to. ? Children and young people from having to constantly look happy because their parents. ? Older people feel themselves more confident and independent. ? Security, makes communication easier and more freedom. ? Location sharing technology was developed in Germany.

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