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Did you know that the average person has 70,000 thoughts a day? Use Taskade to capture your ideas, goals and daily tasks.

Taskade is a convenient space for your checklists, outlines and notes. Use it as a simple to-do list and task manager. You can create a list and share it with your friends, family and team.

Taskade discards your thoughts so you can focus on your tasks, ideas and get things done. Use Taskade to capture and organize your ideas, goals, daily tasks.


- Create a beautiful task list, jot down or outline
- Collaborate with others with real-time synchronization
- Share your task lists instantly using a share link
- Easily invite your friends and teammates to Taskade
- Work together in a shared team
- Task lists with natural editing interface
- Organize to-do lists like a word document and document
- Check all items complete, such as item, number or checkbox.
- Endless nested lists with indented / outdent
- Tag and filter tasks using #hashtags and @mentions
- Works on phones and tablets with live real-time sync between devices
- Automatic synchronization between your phone, tablet and computer
- Tap the icon to edit like a text document
- Easily expand and collapse outlines and lists
- Beautiful and minimal interface
- Simple, instant and FREE
- Feel good, get motivated, capture momentum and get things done!


Yes, Taskade is completely free. You will soon have the option to upgrade to Taskade Pro with additional features such as themes, sticker packs and customizations.


If you don't feel motivated, find a small task you should and should do. Sometimes just rolling the ball has a snowball effect.

Break bigger tasks down into smaller steps and start with the smallest. Be motivated, the only way to gain momentum is to start moving. Taskade can be used as a bullet diary, checklist and workbook to organize your notes, tasks, and get things done.

Taskade is simple and easy to use, but incredibly powerful and can help you manage all the information in your life in beautiful lists. Taskade is like a notebook with super powers.


Yeah. Create a group and invite your team instantly. It helps you keep your lists and your team organized. Members will have full access to the lists in the group. Use Taskade as your collaboration tool to help each other get things done. Meeting notes, task lists, collaborative documents and processes are now in one place in your shared Taskade team folder. Unlock the potential of your team.


Yeah. Taskade allows you to dynamically organize lists in real time with everyone via a share link. Your task lists are synchronized across all devices and in real time. Organize together in real time with teams and groups. Just select the edit link and share it. Stay organized and progress with your team projects using Taskade. Your team is on the same page!


Create a group for your team, project or idea. It helps you keep your lists organized. Work together in a group and organize tasks together. You can instantly create a folder and share it to invite your friends, family and teammates to join you. Work together and get things done faster, smarter.
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