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Your hard disk appears to be 40 GB and 36 GB?  Or you have a disk with a different capacity and it appears lower than its current value?
 If you have such problems, Seagate DiscWizard is the program for you.  This program counts your hard disk byte by byte, deletes everything, and rewrites the traces on the disks.
 In this case, your low capacity problem disappears.
 This program converts your disk to the day you first bought it and also provides a performance increase.  But the only thing that will bore you is that this process takes a long time;  If you have a 40 GB hard disk, this process takes about 4.5 hours.  If you have 80 GB, it takes 6.5 hours (time may vary for different brands).  The best feature of this program is that it can recognize any brand and model of hard disk.  From a 500 MB disk to 200 GB disks, including famous manufacturers such as Western Digital, Maxtor, Samsung and those you have never heard of before, the program also supports all types of connections, regardless of PATA (Parallel ATA) or SATA (Serial ATA). It can be used without any problems.  ".ISO" file to make a bootable CD, the link of which is given here;  Because it's more comfortable this way.  But if you want the Floppy version, click here. But we still recommend the ISO version, because the floppy disk may have a corruption problem.
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