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REFACE is the #1 face swap app

REFACE is the most advanced, top rated, fun and weird deepfake and face swap app.

Combined with rich source videos, gifs, photos and images updated daily, you can make ridiculously realistic face swap videos and gifs in a single selfie.

REFACE will absolutely knock you down as you sculpt your face, swap with celebrities, and become a new peson in popular TV and movie clips. Be a magician, a pop star or a president.

Have fun and replace your face with memes by changing your face with trending movie and TV clips or using our face editor and use deepfake technology that changes your face as REFACE is also the best meme maker in the world.

Wait, what is a deepfake?

Deepfake technology is more than face swapping. With REFACE's unique deep fake AI, your selfie is mapped to another face in the most frighteningly realistic way you've ever seen, with convincing facial expressions and movements that truly look like you. Using our custom-built RefaceAI, you can see what it's like to have your face featured in lead roles, celebrity videos, and more. How do we do this? If we had told you, we would have had to kill you, but know that the results are absolutely astonishing.

"If you sincerely want to show your friends and family cursed GIFs, consider giving this a try. We are not responsible if they go away from you." - Mashable

Imitate yourself deep

To destroy the truth. Go crazy guys. Deal with your friends. Stick your face on your favorite superhero, TV star, celebrity or meme gif and share it on social media or with your friends as a video, photo or gif. Change your gender, face shape and perform advanced deep fake face merges with our cutting-edge AI-powered face changer, then share your creativity with the world and blow their minds.

With REFACE you can:

- Replace your face with celebrities or movie characters with deepfake technology.

- Play with live face swaps, gender swaps.

- Admire the deep fake maker and face changer.

- Share your awesome face swap clip or funny meme as a gif or video to messengers and social media.

- Try face swapping with new videos and gifs released every day.

Top 5 apps in over 100 countries

Formerly Doublicat, REFACE is famous as the premiere face swap app in over 100 countries. Reface is powered by RefaceAI, the most advanced, advanced face swapping AI/ML technology and has been mentioned in Forbes, Mashable, TNW and Digital Trends.

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