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Ports Of Call Trade- and shipsimulation. Our popular classic game Ports Of Call comes to new life.

After so many years POC (more than 20 years sice the first Amiga Version in 1986) is still very popular and we still develop new versions of this games, with new technical features as 3d ship simulation and new features with more ships and harbours, multi freights and many more for the trading/ economic part. The new Ports Of Call (economic part) is called POC XXL works with two parts, the trade part (called POC XXL) and the optional simulation part (POC Sim3d/Sim3dII). POC XXL will call POC Sim3dII when a actual ship simulation for steering is wanted. Also a 2d simulator is contained in POC XXL. But POC Sim3dII can also be played as a standalone game.

Attention we work for a solution on windows 10 as flash is no longer available
Now available on Android devices:
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