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Menstrual calendar; Best period, menstruation or ovulation calculator is a calculator and fertile Tracking application. To keep track of the menstrual cycle as well as to become pregnant; Everything about pregnancy or birth control staff to ensure that women are the cutest application for monitoring. Menstrual calendar; ovulation, pregnancy status, and allows me to keep track of my menstrual period in the professional quality and just as easy to apply as your most secret diary, telling you that the higher your chances of conceiving on which days. Every day, you can check the chances of pregnancy. Girls, apart from using the basic cycle period following the birth control etc. functions. for menstrual symptoms, mood, sex, weight, temperature, can record everything on your own, such as notes or pills. Personal period followers and is designed to be your sweet secretary. You can also select Data Backup Google account. In addition to being the most simple period as followers, your secret is safe on how to periyotu. You can now keep track of multiple accounts for different people. Even when you need to, you can send your menstrual period and follower of your data doctor. A lot of that will facilitate your life. Best of menstruation to be completely free of the calendar! You will not regret giving it a try for tracking your menstrual period and you will love the menstrual calendar which will not let you down. Please note that you move this app to SD card notifications and widgets will not work.
- Check the daily schedule the chances of pregnancy
- Data with your Google account to backup and recovery;
- Menstrual period or follower phone or backup your data to your email
- Menstrual follower, follower Period
- Has a special day design
- 43 signs and you can choose from 64 mood
- You can switch mode when you finish you get pregnant or during pregnancy pregnancy
- Period, pregnancy and ovulation status reports
- Weight and temperature charts
- Period follower, followers of menstrual periods is pregnant and ovulation tracker followers There is also daily management
- Menstrual period and the follower
- Menstrual cycle, menstrual and ovulation prediction
- Personal period length, length of menstrual periods and ovulation can enter your information
- As your length of cycles 1, you can choose 3 or month average of all data
- Security guards
- Being able to follow the cycle of different people through multiple accounts
- SD cards and e-mails from the period can recover data
- Dercih to know more languages
- All notes can always view and search the table
- Forum sites Descriptions Permissions Your Account; This allowed discover known accounts, passwords are creating or backup data to fill the portion of the e-mail address when importing Gmail Network communication This allowed Google account, Gmail, Dropbox for backup and recovery of data and cloud storage; Online tools This permission to re-start it is even for the initiation of telephone notification and grefik; Hardware controls This permit is for vibration notification; Memory This permission to read and write data to the SD card data from the SD card;
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