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pdfFactory Pro offers a safer and more visual way to create PDF files.

 With pdfFactory Pro you can create secure PDFs (official documents, company information, etc.). Some features of pdfFactory Pro:

 Create PDF or print to paper: There is an option to print a PDF file or to a printer.  Acrobat reader is not required to use this feature. Combines multiple documents into a single PDF: Option to combine multiple PDF files into one file. Preview: Preview feature. Font embedding: Option to embed fonts that are unlikely to be found on other computers. Live URL Links: Advanced linking feature. Security: The most distinctive feature that distinguishes this program from its standard version.  You can make all kinds of security settings against printing your pdf file, copying text and images, opening it without entering a password, and changing it (yes, it is possible to change pdfs).

 Note: The demo version pastes advertisement banners on the pages.  You have to pay $99.95 to purchase the product.
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