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After the death of Imran Zakhaev, the leader of the ultra-nationalist party in Call of Duty 6, the allies (USA and England) think that they have definitely won the war, but in the intervening 5 years, things do not go quite as they hoped.

 In 2016, ultra-nationalists, whom they fear to dominate the country, take over the government and the New Russia is established.
 Imran Zakhaev is declared a folk hero and his statue is erected in Red Square.  What the ultra-nationalists could not achieve with guns, they achieve with Zakhaev's death.  The leader of the new Russia becomes Boris Vorsehvsky, the new leader of the ultra-nationalist party.[9]  But Boris Vorshevsky leaves the ultra-nationalist party's violent past behind and pushes the uninhibited anti-Western and violent Vladimir Makarov out of the party in order to restore its image and become the legitimate ruler of New Russia.  Because Vladimir Makarov, who started to stand out from the Zakhaev era, continued his acts of violence by not giving up taking revenge for Zakhaev.  The armed wing of the party survives under the leadership of Vladimir Makarov.

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