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MATH 42 version 2.0 is a completely redesigned and redeveloped program. It only overtook the appearance, the systematics and the intelligence. ? Exercises and test results are in the Cloud and available to registered users on all their iOS devices. ? MATH 42 2.0 has a new 2D-entry combined with intelligent parentheses ? it works like a common calculator but without the complex syntax. ? The keyboard offers the following new functions: n-th root, GCD, LCM, factorial, absolute value, arc-sin/-cos/-tan, rad/deg, inequations, vectors and nxm matrices. All mathematics present in MATH 42 1.7 and everything that has been free up until now, stays free in MATH 42 2.0. New Premium Features are available for 30 days for free for registered users. From then on they are available through a monthly subscription; ? Equations: substitution ans numerical solutions ? Case distinction for equations with absolute values and inequations. ? Analysis: Integrals (By parts, by substitution, partial fraction decomposition), definite- and indefinite integral, curve sketching (Derivatives, roots, extremes, inflection points) ? Linear algebra: vectors and matrices (Adding, multiplying, determinant (2x2, Sarrus, Laplace), inverse, characteristic polynomial, eigenvalues and -vectors, kernel, rank, Gauss-algorithm, LSE)
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