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Massive Warfare: Blitz Helicopter, This is war on a massive scale! The Great War: Aftermath is the only multiplayer war game where you can fight against the world in synchronized online PvP battles. The struggle takes place on land, sea and air.

It's all about vehicle vs. vehicle warfare. Take a tank, warship or helicopter and fight your enemy. Upgrade your war machine.

Enjoy every detail of this simulator in high resolution 3D. Cause a collision with your helicopter. Beat your tank with heavy iron armor. Optimize your hovercraft and turn it into a destroyer. Don't underestimate your opponent. This is a deadly war and mistakes are mortal. Be careful for the drones bombing the battlefield. Make sure you go to war with the right camouflage. If you want to be an ace in this game, winning is the key to progress. Heavy weapons will be waiting for you in the field. Shooting is intense! Feel the immersive action on the battlefield. Are you looking for the best shooter? There is no entertainment activity like this. Did you hear the call? It's your duty to win!

If you love to play MMO and Moba action games and you have dreamed of an Arena shooter game with upgradeable war machines, this is your game. Warfare is global. So form an Alliance and recruit an army. Help your team and turn it into a disciplined Legion. Become the greatest Power. This is a BIG WAR!

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