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It is a game that everyone has a character, can be developed and can contribute to its players. Thanks to its 3D feature, you can create a real life environment. Second Life is a game, launched in 2003, is an internet-based virtual world.It is inspired by neal Stephenson's science fiction novel called 'Snow Crahs'. Your virtual world is limited only by your imagination. In Second Life, the person starts the game by creating an avatar. It determines all the features of the avatar it will create. For example, everything he wants, hair color, height, weight, profession etc. can be changed and adjusted depending on the request of the user. Because the game is online, it is very popular with people. Thanks to online chat, you can have a social environment. At the same time, all kinds of fiction, from buying real estate, to design, university education, have been realized in the Second Life environment. Another advantage of the game is that you can make the money you earn in the virtual world a reality thanks to your avatar. Second life, which creates its own economy, uses Linden Dollar (L $) as its currency. 1 US dollar is calculated as 262 Linden (currency of the game). You can then convert every penny earned in Linden dollars to the US dollar from the exchange office here and transfer it to your real-life bank account via PayPal (a secure center that transfers money online). There are those who take advantage of this feature of Second Life and even participate here to make money. Of course, for this, other members also have to transfer real money to the system. As follows: For example, a player may not buy an island for 15 thousand dollars in real life, but he invests 15 thousand dollars in Second Life and buys an island here. Or, instead of the island, a mansion, a luxury car, etc. ... The candidate who sells the island earns 15 thousand dollars. For example, the real estate agent Chinese, whose name is Anshe Chung in Second Life, earned 250 thousand American dollars by selling houses to people in this world. In fact, he has grown so much that he has now set up a team of 10 people in China to meet the demand in Second Life. Chris Mead, a real-life factory worker, chooses to sit at home after his wife gives birth to his third child and joins Second Life. He is developing an animation that allows couples in Second Life to hug each other and dance, and starts selling one of them to players who want $ 1. Now his monthly earnings are $ 1900. Nathan Keir, a real-life computer programmer, is inventing a game called Tetris like Tringo, which can be played in Second Life. The game is so popular that it sells its rights to another company for $ 1.8 million. It is a decision that the creators of the game took two years ago that made all this happen. Players can automatically own copyrights for everything they create in Second Life, this can be an outfit, an object, a house, a hairstyle. So when they sell, they can earn real money. Currently, 500,000 dollars a week is spinning in the economy of Second Life. At the same time, many brands take part in the Second Life game and market their products on the game and realize them according to the reactions. Reasons for organizations to take part in Second Life; It is also shown as advertisement, product promotion, accessibility, feasibility study, taking customer opinions. Some of the major brands in Second Life: Vestel, IBM, Adidas, MercedesBenz, BMW, Nike, Sony Ericcson, Toyota, Dell. Second Life made its first explosion after removing its first millionaire. In 2006, the real value of the money earned by Second Life player Anshe Chung (named Ailin Graef in the game) reached $ 1 million. Thus, the virtual world has created a millionaire. Turkish internet users' interest in Second life has increased after this time.Currently, there are approximately 5,000 active Turkish players. Reaching about ten million users from all over the world, primarily in the United States, England and Brazil, Second Life has started to operate in other languages ??by increasing the number of users with the combination of both virtual games and virtual social networks. In short, Second Life has brought a brand new definition to the idea of ??online life, which we have only dreamed of, and has brought the idea of ??online life to reality by providing detailed interaction and production opportunities to its users. However, there are users who are immersed in the game between the Second Life users and break the link between reality and virtual. The "virtual lover" entering the life of the married couple living in London causes divorces. The area of ??betrayal is Second Life, played on the Internet. Amy Pollard applies for a divorce, saying that she caught her husband David Pollard on the computer screen while playing the Second Life game, in a inappropriate position with a female character.
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