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Since the file sizes of the pictures we take with new generation cameras and save on our computer are large, they take up a lot of space on our hard disk.

While uploading these images to sites on the internet (eg Facebook, Google+, etc.), we lose a lot of time due to their high size, and as you know, we may experience problems while uploading because some sites allow us to upload certain sizes.

You do not want the photos you will share on your own blog or internet pages to be large in size. Because the larger the size of the files you upload, the slower your page will load. When we consider such problems we are experiencing, the Caesium program comes to our rescue.

The Caesium program can reduce the size of your image files by compressing them by 90% and while doing this, it does not spoil the quality of the image you are working on. One of the best aspects of the Caesium program, where we have the opportunity to process multiple images at the same time using different compression settings, is that it is a free software.

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