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Special education;  It requires special attention with its more complex structure than formal education.  A first in the private education sector, this software automation puts an end to work and time loss by making automatic planning.  It makes all the necessary documents and formalities of the institution easier by keeping track of all the detailed information of the instructors and students.
 As a title within the application;  A-Planning Lila Special Education Automation.  B-Reports.  C-General Definitions (Student - Personnel Information).  D-Parameter Definitions.  E-Invoice Transactions.  A-PLANNING: It claims to be an application that will take the burden of the institution with its functionality, which is not found in other applications for special education.  You will tell and the program will make your plan.  Some of the features of the program: It gives a warning when planning students whose report date has expired.  You can make Classroom Planning.  Service Planning Individual and group training Planning opportunity eliminates the possibility of making mistakes by taking Instructor and Student Parameters into consideration.  It offers various planning options with rich Parameters.  B-REPORTS: We handle all forms and reports requested by the public and other institutions with a single click.  This menu puts an end to paperwork confusion and minimizes the time you spend dealing with reports.  Additionally, other reports that the educational institution may need are also provided in this menu.  Report headings: 1-Personnel Schedule Schedule 2-Student List 3-Student Invoice List 4-Monthly Individualized Education, Work and Rehabilitation Plan (Therapy Schedule) 5-Daily Student Service List 6-Training Groups List 7-Incomplete Plans 8-Report End There are nearly 100 reports in different formats about the institution, such as Students with Upcoming Dates, 9-Property Directorate Invoice List, 10-Distribution by Social Security Institutions, 11-Term Education and Accrual List, 12-Student Monthly Attendance Chart, 13-Quarterly Status Report.
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