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Life360 Family Locator is a powerful family locator that allows you to get the most accurate results. Many new features have been updated, such as Life360 Circles and Life360 Locations.

The Life360 Family Locator uses the latest GPS tracking technology and allows:

See the location of the Environment member on a map that is only accessible by invitation? Choose when to share your location with each circle
Simultaneous or one-on-one chat with everyone in all Life360 Circles
When the environmental member reaches a place, the ground warning is triggered? The location of the stolen or lost phone

The Life360 Family Locator now has Circles. Environment; family members, friends, football team friends and so on. group. No limit. Create an Environment for your next camping trip. After the trip, delete the Environment or keep it for the next trip. It's that simple.
You can choose your location preferences for each environment. Some Circles can use all the features of the Life360 Family Locator, and some are used only as a communication channel. It is impossible for information to infiltrate other circles. Life360's feature and data selections are different for each Environment.
Family Locator is easy to chat with and Free. In addition, you have a chat function in all Circles you are a member of. You can chat with people in each circle at the same time or one on one. Now you can save money on your phone bills.
Stay in touch with your loved ones.
Life360 Map your family locator and find out where your members are 7
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