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Klokzilla time of day to perform the duties given worksheet. Initially, it music, video, play, ring play, make announcements, give a warning signal, playlist, play music in the background to make the sound by reducing the alarm, the alarm will talk about configurations below to give you many more functions. Is unique in the world in a very flexible structure and function for ions. Klokzilla the most-used locations: okulzili schools and public address system, music, plants, knock off warning bells and bells to start work, etc., speech and music. Regular announcements and music stores and establishments. However Klokzilla that the use of a wide variety of functions can operate the device when it comes time to Klokzia sınırlıdır.Mesela dreams (parallel or serial port module) or kapatırabilit itself, you can take screenshots by email, etc. yollattırabilirsiniz. (Email module) without precedents in some of the features: video files in the player. rather, almost all of the files player (mp3, mp4, wma, avi, mpeg, mpgHatta şöyledesek gibidir.İşte can play no type species, some of them did not play better:. (asf,. asx,. avi,. wav,. wax. wma ,. wm,, mp3, mp4, mp3, mpa, mpe mpv2. vob.ivf.wmz,. wms.avi,. mov,. qt, mid, midi,. rmi.aif,. aIFC,. aiff.au, . sndm3u, mp2v,. mpg,. mpeg,. M1V,. mp2,
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