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After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the bright lights of the Grand Arena on Vespaara burst into life and offered survivors and new heroes a platform to shine across the galaxy. Equal parts battle and spectacle, Star Wars: Hunters is where legends are made. Love shooter games and arena combat games? Then get ready to dominate your opponents! NEW STAR WARS EXPERIENCE Located deep in the Outer Rim on the planet of Vespaara and broadcast on the HoloNet, the competitions in the Arena evoke stories of the battles that have defined galactic history and are inspiring a new era of combat entertainment. Star Wars: Hunters is a thrilling, free-to-play action game featuring new, authentic characters for you to play. New content is released every Season including new Hunters, weapon wraps and, maps. MEET THE HUNTERS Gear up for battle and pick a Hunter that suits your playstyle from a roster of new characters including nefarious bounty hunters, Wookiees and Imperial stormtroopers. Outshine opponents by mastering diverse abilities, skills and strategies while fighting it out in intense 4v4 third-person combat on the road to fame and fortune in the Arena. Online games with friends will never be the same. TEAM BATTLES Star Wars: Hunters is a team-based arena shooter game where two teams go head-to-head in a thrilling online multiplayer game. Fight against opponents on adventurous battlefields that evoke iconic Star Wars locales such as Hoth, Endor, and the second Death Star. Execute winning tactics and dominate your enemy. Fans of multiplayer games will love the no-holds-barred team fight action. Take on rival squads and emerge victorious. CUSTOMIZE YOUR HUNTER Customize each Hunter by collecting and equipping them with cool and unique costumes, victory poses, and weapon appearances, making for an impressive competitor that stands out on the battlefield. EVENTS Participate in events and new game modes to earn fantastic rewards. Play in new Ranked Season Events. GAME MODES Explore Star Wars: Hunters’ diversity of gameplay through a variety of game modes. Control the high-octane Arena in Dynamic Control by holding the Control Point while also preventing the opposing team from entering the objective boundaries. In Trophy Chase, two teams aim to hold the Trophy Droid to score points. The first team to reach 100% wins the game. In Squad Brawl, fight as a team to see who can reach 20 eliminations first to win. RANKED PLAY Show off your skills by rising to the top of the Ranked Mode leaderboards. Hunters wield unique weaponry such as a lightsaber, scattergun, blaster or more in battle. Challenge yourself in these highly competitive multiplayer games with friends. Climb through a series of Leagues and Divisions for a chance to reach the highest Rank on the leaderboard. Download the free app, dazzle the Arena’s crowd, and become the master of PVP games. Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play game and includes optional in-game purchases. If you wish to disable in-game purchases, please turn off the in-app purchases in your mobile phone or iPad settings. For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:"
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