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New game from RoK Team!  Capture giants to fight.  Use hero skills with allies.  Deploy flying units over 3D terrain.  Great wars.  Great choices.  Your journey starts here!

 Call of Dragons is an MMO fantasy conquest game that offers an incredible strategic combat experience from the creators of Rise of Kingdoms:
 1) All-new Behemoth Battle System: Fight alongside your allies to defeat powerful Behemoths, then summon them as your secret weapon in PvP battles!
 2) Freedom to Fight: Leverage real 3D terrain to build your strategy, command flying legions to traverse mountains and rivers, and unleash powerful combat skills to lead your allies to victory in large-scale fantasy warfare!
 3) An Immersive Fantasy World: Recruit elven maidens, mighty Orcs, mighty ice mages, and countless other magical heroes.  Journey to the mystical Firefly Tree, the spooky Frozen Towers and other fantastic wonders and enjoy a vast fantasy world you've never seen before.

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