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Are you ready to crush your enemies, Archer Heroes?

I Am Archer is an addictive action-packed adventure game where you destroy hordes of enemies with an incredible array of skills and weapons. Start as an amateur archer, then hone your skills and abilities to become a master.

Enemies in many forms and sizes, from skeletons, golems, slimes, goblins, giants or werewolves with different attack patterns. Destroy them all with your bullets and tactics.

Navigate thousands of dungeons and fight for treasures, items and valuable gear that will make you stronger and invincible. Enjoy countless unique skill combinations to keep your archer alive.

The world is in danger. Evil forces reign, and our only hope is you, an archer with such skills as to become a legend.

Now that the fate of the world is in your hands, can you destroy them all with your bow and arrow, or will you succumb to failure? This is entirely up to you.

Fight through each stage, destroy enemies, level up and collect experience points to learn new skills. Get ready to face brand new monsters with different strategies and attack patterns.

The monsters will become stronger, faster and stronger, and so will you. Loot the dungeon, collect weapons, armor, talismans and more gear. Equip yourself with the best items, power-up to be invincible.

Master the art of moving, dodging and shooting. Grab your bow and destroy anything that dares stand in your way. Shooting things has never been this fun.

You are not alone in this deadly journey. There are many heroes with various fighting styles and they are all ready to join your forces. Join them in your group, discover new talents and save the world together.

 Addictive, action-packed gameplay
 Tight and responsive control with one finger
 AFK Rewards: earn coins and items in your spare time.
 Stunning graphics, wonderful worlds and characters.
 Endless combination of skills and gear.
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