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Free lesson delivery program.  The program can do many features of the paid versions, for example;

     * Added manual relocation and fixation features.
     Reports have been made customizable.  Added useful features such as creating colorful syllabus tables, splitting sheets into pages, selecting the desired paper size.
     Classroom distributions have been made capable of solving different problems.
     Thanks to the speed brought by the C++ programming language and the new problem-solving algorithm, deployments can be completed much faster.
     * Difficult problems can be solved quickly by multiplying the distribution as much as the number of cores of the processor.
     Thanks to the ability to add students to classes, the ability to distribute for classes where students change has been added.
     Thanks to the additional information, the place of duty, the day of the guard, classroom guidance, etc.  information became writable in reports.
     * Reports can be saved as pdf, png.
     Examinations on the program were made much easier by showing the syllabus table in color.
     Defined lessons can be replicated between classes or teachers very quickly with copy and replace commands.
     Added options to apply a condition to more than one component, with the Conditions window all close-open command.
     * The feature of defining separate conditions has been brought to the cards of the defined courses.
     * The number of windows (weekly and daily), the number of lessons per day, the total number of days were added to the teachers and classes as minimum and maximum, so that many problems can be solved without closing the condition.
     Curriculum files can be opened by double-clicking.
     The time table can be added to the desired number of days and the desired number of lessons for each day.  All these were properly displayed in the reports.
     Component lists such as courses, teachers, classrooms and classrooms can be retrieved from environments such as Excel and Word.
     More than one course, classroom, teacher, class, defined course can be selected and deleted quickly.
     Video lessons explaining how to do all these operations have been prepared, placed under the Help menu on the main screen and on the Help buttons of the relevant windows as a list.

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