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Cake Maker allows you to make cakes for any occasion. If you want to surprise your birthday, your friend's wedding or valentine's day, or make someone's day beautiful with cake, Cake Maker is your best app. Choose cakes (cakes) with many different shapes and different fillings, prepare a one or two-layer cake with various toppings, use decorative figures for different occasions, decorate with marzipan, fresh fruit, candy and cream. In order for the cake (cake) to be attractive, pour the crumbs on it, add the candles and tiny toys. Now let the fun begin - see and make a navy, blow on the candles and taste the cake you have just prepared. Properties: ? Fabulous high-quality HD graphics? Intuitive and simple interface? Endless gaming experience with unlimited combinations? Many different types of cake shapes with toppings for each of two floors? Lots of toppings, candies, fruits, creams, candles, crumbs, marzipan? Decorative figures and sounding toys? Mini moving puzzle game
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