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We all play games at some point.  Everyone who plays games has an experience where they want to skip, automate or get around some monotonous aspects of gaming.
 (Can I get a "yes" from players who have to spend days 'fishing'?) Aurora is designed for exactly such a task.
 Aurora is designed to be a single interface for the thousands of game cheats in the Cheats Happen library.  Game cheat programs are designed to instantly change the memory of the computer game, giving the ability to change game behavior and provide the ability to manipulate the game itself.  Because of this ability, cheat programs can often give a "global" false warning in your antivirus program, so be prepared for this.
 Aurora is a portable application, so you download it, extract it wherever you want, and that's it.  No installation required;  Just click on the executable to run it.  It works perfectly on the desktop or unzipped on a USB drive.
 If you have a game on the list, you can apply Aurora's cheat set for that game and use it to progress or have fun with that game in different ways.  These changes may vary by game, but may include speed boosts, god modes, stealth, teleportation, and more.
 Aurora supports Epic, Steam, GamePass and GOG.  Aurora does not support multiplayer games and never will.  This is an ethical choice of the company, and we, as MaajorGeeks, wholeheartedly support this choice.  If you want to take some unwanted shortcuts for your entertainment, it's great, but in a multiplayer environment - it's bad.
 The free version of Aurora offers free cheats for three games per week.  (Look at the bottom middle to see the titles) These three selected best games include all the functions available for these games.  To get started quickly, it will be useful to have a Steam, Epic Games Store or Xbox Game Pass account.  You will need to purchase the product to access some cheats for other games listed.  The price can range from $9.95 per month to a one-time fee of $84.95 for a lifetime license.  Also note that the free version does not require you to sign up.  Signing up is useful if you want to customize the program or eventually purchase it.
 Version History for Cheat Happens - Aurora Game Cheats:
 [+] STEAMDECK: Aurora and cheat settings are now saved in the Aurora folder.  You don't need to install Aurora from scratch for every new game
 [+] Game save protection: You can now specify the maximum save file size to keep for each game.  When log files exceed this amount, the oldest log file is deleted
 [+] 'Support' menu will now open Discord within Aurora if you are not on Steamdeck
 [+] Added clearer notification about automatic activation of favorite cheats
 [+] If the game crashes within 10 seconds of injecting the in-game cloak, you will receive a reminder to try disabling it
 [+] Added command line arguments section to readme file
 [+] By right-clicking on a cheat shortcut you can select:
 - Reset Shortcut
 - Remove Shortcut
 - Reset All Shortcuts
 - Remove All Shortcuts
 [~] You get a note on how to re-show cheat attachments when hiding them
 [~] If it is an executable file that is opened when you want to open a cheat attachment, you will need to confirm whether you want to open it.
 [~] Updated the upgrade dialog about offline keys
 [!] Fixed possible memory leak when using Microsoft gamebar cover (REPORTED)
 [!] Fixed search bar keyboard navigation (REPORTED)
 [!] Fixed 'Open in Browser' button for games with no Aurora cheats (REPORTED)
 [!] Fixed cheat settings page not being scrollable (REPORTED)
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