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Control your computer remotely with maximum speed and great quality with your smart phone, tablet or laptop. You can find other information about VNC, remote access and remote maintenance for any platform on the website. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS Advantages:

Fast: AnyDesk is faster than other remote control and remote maintenance software. In this way, it is possible to provide completely new desktop remote accesses: video cutting, image editing, computer management, online teamwork ... Secure: Computer remote control with anyDesk, online banking, encryption with TLS 1.2, 2048-Bit RSA Key It is under excellent protection like Exchange and Erlang technologies. Reasonable: Remote access to personal computers with AnyDesk is free for private use. AnyDesk offers transparent license models for commercial purposes that do not include hidden fees but still have all updates.Short manual: 1. Install this app on smartphone or tablet. 2. Start AnyDesk on a remote computer. To do this, download the program file from our website and start it by double-clicking there. At this point you will be shown the computer's AnyDesk-ID. 3. Open the app on your smartphone or phone and enter AnyDesk-ID there.What is AnanyDesk? It is claimed that they provide a streamlined image transfer regarding competing products. However, AnyDesk, which is a very fast remote desktop application, really fulfills this promise.Style independenceAnyDesk, as the first remote access application, has enough performance to work on a remote personal computer for hours, fluently and tirelessly. You can use all the programs, files and settings of the personal computer at home or in your office without the need for annoying network setup. And it stays where your data belongs: on your own computer.Simple collaborationGet more together! AnyDesk is also very suitable for online collaboration. Thanks to the optional feature of two mouse cursors, it is possible to edit texts, pictures and other documents together. It is very easy, fast and without having to deliver the files to an online service ... Convenient remote maintenance. AnyDesk achieves much more besides remote management and remote support. This means that it will not only shine in this area. While ensuring smooth use, the installation of your colleague's printer or the installation of new CRM tools on the computers of the marketing department is almost spontaneous. The screen refresh rateAnyDesk transmits 60 frames per second over the local network and many internet connections, offering much better performance compared to other remote desktop applications. Since the vast majority of personal computer screens operate at a display rate of 60 frames per second, the motion flow becomes as uninterrupted as possible for images transmitted with AnyDesk. This way, AnyDesk allows you to work without interruption. It is of utmost importance that the lowest level of latency occurs when working on a remote table. As the delay decreases, the reaction of the controlled PC to the commands accelerates. In local networks, the delay of AnyDesk program is at a level noticeable like 16 milliseconds. This is especially true for working over mobile internet connections such as UMTS. AnyDesk bandwidth efficiency is 100 kB of available bandwidth
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