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Commander in Chief of the Turkish War of Independence, the modern Republic of Turkey? S Founder immortal leader, unique hero, the architects of the Turkish revolution, the great statesman Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, not for the Turkish Nation, for example, is a leader for all the world states. A great leader who always devoted his entire life to the construction of a nation and made this the first principle in favor of world peace while performing this country, he is one of the greatest commanders and statesmen in the history of mankind. e is an expression of gratitude debt.
It was a common wish of the Turkish nation to make a monumental building worthy of the immortal personality of the great leader he lost.
ATATÜRK? November 10, 1938? After his passing to eternity, a commission formed by the government of the time, Anıtkabir? was selected for the location of the site. At the end of this commission work, Rasattepe? also the Mausoleum? decided to do. An international competition was opened by the same commission on 1 March 1941. This contest Turkey, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Czechoslovakia? A total of 47 projects participated. 3 of these projects were awarded by the commission. According to the conditions of the project competition, the right to choose the first was given to the government. Turkish architects due to the more successful expression of the national subject and the suitability of the project to the land. Emin ONAT and Assoc. Orhan Arda? The project was decided to be a memorial tomb. The construction of Anitkabir started on 9 October 1994. The construction was completed in 4 stages over a period of 9 years. On 10 November 1953, ATATURK? The Ethnographic Museum is the temporary grave in which the remains were kept for 15 years since 1938? from the mausoleum, with a great ceremony, the Mausoleum, eternal rest?
ANITKABİR is established on an area of ??750 thousand square meters and approximately 120 thousand square meters of this area is on the memorial block and 630 thousand square meters is on the Peace Park. The memorial block consists of three sections: the Lion Road, the Ceremonial Square and the Mausoleum. There are ten towers placed in symmetry. These towers were given the names İstiklal, Hürriyet, Odafaa-i Hukuk, Mehmetçik, Zafer, Barış, April 23, Misak-ı Milli, İnkılap, Cumhuriyet. Given that the names of the Republic of Turkey and the nation? S represents lofty concepts that play a major role in the construction.
ANATKABİR ATATÜRK and the War of Independence Museum, which is the most important part of Anıtkabir, were opened on June 21, 1960 under the name of ATATÜRK Museum. In this period, the museum consisted of two parts: ATATURK's private belongings section and the Art Gallery of ATATURK Private Library. With the addition of panoramas and the vaulted galleries section on 26 August 2002, ATATURK Museum was named as ATATURK and the War of Independence Museum. ATATÜRK and the War of Independence Museum consists of four sections. In the first section, ATATÜRK's special items are exhibited. in the second section, the Canakkale and Independence War with Panorama and oil paintings; In the third chapter, in 18 galleries, National Struggles and Revolutions are told; In the fourth section, there are books of ATATÜRK and touch computers (Kiosk).
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