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Kevserin Cuisine offers Turkey's most user-friendly FREE recipes application.  More than 1500 menu suggestions for each day, more than 2000 tried-and-true recipes, more than 500 video recipes, smart recipe search, the last thing I ate, favorite list creation, seasonal popular searches and shopping list creation. many features in this app

 With its clear and easy-to-understand explanation and itemized ingredient lists, more than 2000 recipes in many different categories are waiting for you in this application.
 Thanks to the practical recipes in the application, you will see that good home cooking can be made without too much effort in today's world, where the consumption of ready-made food is increasing day by day due to the increase in the pace of life.  With the video recipes published every week, you can better understand the consistency of the dishes and get detailed information about the cooking process.  In order to lighten your kitchen load a little, you can find daily menu recommendations under the category of what to cook today.
 The main purpose of the application is not to give recipes to be followed exactly, but to teach how to cook.  Under the category of culinary academy, you can find detailed information that will enable you to understand the logic of cooking, such as which ingredients we use when cooking, why we do not use some of them, what we do will result in disappointment, what we do will lead us to success, what kind of chemical reactions occur when which materials come together.

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