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Wood;  It is a collaborative learning and question solving application that provides quality and fast solutions in a short time by bringing together students who are in the process of university and university preparation exams, preparing for YKS (TYT - AYT) and other ÖSYM exams, with questions that they cannot solve, with more knowledgeable, competent and expert people in their fields.

 When you log in to the application, you can use your free question rights and test the application. Then, if you wish, you can choose the package that suits you best and continue solving your questions on the Board.  After joining the board, you can ask questions if you wish, or you can earn additional income by proving your expertise and becoming a Solver and solving questions.
 During exam periods, with the help of hard-working experts like Beaver, there will be no problem that you cannot find an answer to on the Board.  If you wish, be a member of the question solving Solver team, help us, reinforce your knowledge and earn additional income from the questions you solve.

 Tahta's mission is to help students graduate confidently and preparedly through quality education.

 Features of the Board:

 -24/7 Homework, Lessons, YKS, TYT, AYT, KPSS, ÖSYM, University Assistance and Question Solution: Send photos wherever and whenever and get the instant solution in your pocket and leave no problem unsolved.  If you wish, you can reinforce your knowledge by browsing through previously solved questions for free.

 -Solved Questions (Question Pool) for YKS, TYT, AYT, ÖSYM and University Courses: You can always access solved questions on Tahta completely free of charge.  Mathematics, Physics etc.  Questions with solutions for many YKS, universities, TYT, AYT, ÖSYM are always free.

 -Personalized Profile and GPA Calculator: With your personalized profile on Tahta, you can calculate your GPA, create a study schedule, and take notes on your homework and exams.  Additionally, you will receive notification reminders for the course schedule, assignments and exams you have created.  So you just add your lesson and we will remind you.

 -100% solution guarantee: There is no problem left unsolved in Tahta in YKS, TYT, AYT, KPSS university courses, ÖSYM, EOKUL, EBA curricula.  Questions asked by students are solved with a 100% question answer guarantee.  You can also ask Solvers about the parts of the solutions you do not understand before evaluating them with the comment feature and get more detailed answers.

 -University, Private Tutor, School and Study Center: You can use Tahta whenever and wherever you want, without having to be anywhere.  If you have a problem, post it on the Board and get the answer from the expert. If you have an answer, give it and earn money!  Moreover, the wage you earn will increase exponentially depending on your Solver points, that is, your success!

 -Solve Questions and Earn Money: If you think you are an expert in a field, join Tahta and solve questions and earn money wherever you want, whenever you want.  Don't forget that your success as a Solver is multiplied by your Solver score!

 -Categories Where You Can Ask and Solve Questions: Tahta is a co-learning and question solving application where you can ask and answer questions of YKS, TYT, AYT, KPSS and other ÖSYM exams as well as university courses 24/7.  You can ask your questions in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Sciences, Medicine and hundreds of other fields.  If you wish, you can solve questions in hundreds of fields and earn money.  Moreover, you can always access the solved question pool for free.  Become a member of the Board and there will be no problems left unsolved!

 Why is Tahta University the Best Way to Study for TYT, AYT, YKS, ÖSYM questions?

 -Solution Guarantee: If your question cannot be solved or is solved incorrectly or incompletely, your question right will be refunded.  Ask a question from YKS, ask a question from TYT, ask a question from AYT, ask a question from ÖSYM and get the answer in your pocket 24/7.  Mathematics, Physics etc.  The answers to all lessons are on the Board!

 -Earn Money: If you are an expert in your field, you can join Tahta and earn money while reinforcing what you know.  Answer the questions and prove your success as a solver!

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