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The Splits Training is designed for all levels to fully open legs step by step, even if you are a beginner.

The mix of calm and dynamic splits helps you effectively develop flexibility and achieve results faster than you think. Productive stretches for splits in 30 days are suitable for men and women, adults and children. You can customize your splits based on your own preferences, no equipment needed. Whether you want to do full splits for dance, ballet and gymnastics, or martial arts, this workout will help you achieve your goal. Why splits? It has been proven to reinforce strength, remove muscle stiffness and improve circulation Improve your flexibility and balance Flexibility and balance are key to reducing the risk of injury during exercise. The splits stretch your lower body muscles, expanding your range of motion. Relax your hip flexorsDue to sitting at a desk all day long, many people have extremely rigid hip flexor muscles. This can cause pain, especially in your lower back. Splits open these areas to relieve your muscle tension. Stretch your legs deeply. Doctors will recommend splits as part of your exercise routine, especially if you are doing activities such as jogging or cycling. Accelerate your circulation Leg spreading lengthens your muscles and improves your circulation by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Please warm up your muscles before doing splits. Splits need time; your muscles need time to stretch, heal, and keep up with new demands. Be patient and stick to your schedule, you will soon see the progress.
- Splits for all levels; Splits for beginners, men, women, children
- Instructions for all levels of how to splurge legs
- Effective formula that helps achieve results quickly
- Splits in 30 days
- Customize your own workout plan
- Easy to follow instructions, animation and Video guide
- Automatically record your progress
- Stretches for splits target all the muscles you need to be super flexible
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