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Sleep Monitor helps you monitor and record sleep cycle details. Sleep Monitor also has a smart alarm clock that reminds you to sleep early at night and gently wake you up in the morning.

In addition, Sleep Monitor offers soothing music to help you sleep better.

Main Features:
- New: Sleep Trends
Improve sleep quality and develop better sleep habits with weekly and monthly data statistics.
- Record Sounds
Sleep Monitor will record and listen to the sounds of snoring, dream talk or teeth grinding made during your sleep and find more information about your sleep the next morning! For fun!

- Mark Sleeping Habits
If you drink, eat, exercise before sleep, have any pathological conditions or have depressive feelings, see how these sleep habits can affect your sleep.

- Track Sleep Cycles
Sleepers will have 4 or 5 sleep cycles during the night. Usually, sleepers go through four sleep stages in a sleep cycle: Non-REM 1 (between waking and sleep), Non-REM 2 (light sleep), Non-REM 3 (deep sleep), and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) most dreams happen) sleep. These stages progress cyclically from 1 to REM and then begin again with stage 1.

Sleep Monitor uses both microphone and accelerator sensors to measure body movements and environmental noise changes and then helps you recognize your sleep stages.
Sleep Monitor is particularly useful for those who are looking for a way to control how their sleep is and do not want to invest in an accessory such as a smartband or smartwatch.

 - Smart Alarm Clock
Set an alarm to wake up or take a nap in the morning, or set a reminder for bedtime.

- Soothing Lullaby
Listen to high quality relaxing music to calm a racing mind before going to sleep. Fall asleep quickly with different sleep sounds.

 - Sleep Notes
Take short notes for your sleep. Write down anything you want so you will never forget them.

 Target Group
- Persons suffering from insomnia, a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep.
- People who want to self-diagnose whether their sleep quality is poor.
- People who care about sleep quality

 Application Study Requirements
 Place your Android phone next to your pillow or bed
 Sleep alone to eliminate the parasite
 Make sure the battery is enough

 About Saving Sleep Logs
Free version users can save the latest 7 sleep logs to the phone; Pro version users can save the last 30 sleep logs on app side and backup all history logs in Cloud storage.

 Enjoy Sleep Monitor Pro
 Customize sleep factors
 Download audio recordings
 Save 30 and backup all sleep logs
 Unlock all sleep music, sleep notes, sleep trends
 No ads
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