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Play okey. Okey, with its artificial intelligence, rich visual effects, simple and useful interface, download okey suitable for purpose. Play okey against the computer without internet. Now download okey and play okey. Have fun everybody.

Okey Features:

- Google Game Play Service,

- Good luck,

- Rankings,

- Statistics,

- Tasks,

- Levels.

Okay Settings:

- Detection of numbers,

- Game Speed ​​Adjustment,

- Color Rummy on / off,

- Indicator score on / off,

- Smart Stone Arrangement on/off

Game Set:

The Okey game is played with four players as standard. In okey, there is a table called cue stick for the player to arrange the pieces. There are 106 pieces in total, consisting of two sets, numbered 1 to 13 in red, black, blue and green colors. There are also two fake okey stones inside the stones.


The stones are mixed and each player is given 14 stones. The first player to play is given 1 extra piece and starts with 15 pieces. The person who is dealt 15 stones starts the game. Players line up the stones dealt to them on the cue in front of them. The remaining pieces are laid out on top of each other, with the numbers on the table. The upper value of the stone, which is located on the stones in the middle, is the okey stone. This stone can be used to replace any missing stone.

Normal Formation:

The fourteen pieces in the player's hand must be divided into the correct pairs (groups), provided that they consist of at least three pieces. There are two different pairs in the normal line-up.

- All stones in the group must be of the same value but of different colors. There are three or four stones in this group.

- All pieces in the group (curtain) must be of the same color and consist of consecutive numbers. This group must consist of at least three stones.

- In some cases, the number 1 stone may come after the 13 numbered stone, but the top number stones such as 2, 3, 4 cannot be placed after this stone.

Double Lineup:

- The player must line up seven pairs of stones, each of the same value and color, from the stones in his hand.

Indicator Rule:

When a new hand starts, the player who has the same indicator stone in their hand shows this stone when it is their turn to play and wins half the amount in the dealer. In order to make an indicator, it is necessary to leave the stone in the hand by pulling it over the indicator stone in the middle. The indicator is credited to other players as a point penalty.

End Types:

- If the stone used in the finish is an ordinary stone, it is considered a normal finish. The point value is 2.

-It is also called 'Okay out'. If the stone left on the deck at the end is an Okey stone, the player is deemed to have threw an okey. Doubles the point value of the hand.

- If the arrangement of the stones is made according to pairs; that is, if each piece in the cue has a pair, the player is considered out of pair. The point value is 4. It doesn't have to indicate going double.

- If all the stones are in the same color and in a row from 1 to 13, sequential color is made. In this case, regardless of the points, they are all reduced to zero and the game is over.

- In this finish type, all the stones are of the same color and in a row, but since some stones are two each, they are made of unordered colors and are worth eight points.

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