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Martı is an Electric Scooter and Moped rental application that takes you to your final destination in the city in a fun, fast and environmentally friendly way.

 Martı has come to your city with fun and technology so that you don't have to wait for the next free shuttle service, walk 15 minutes from the bus you got off to, and don't rush to catch the public transport from home!  The MOST ENVIRONMENTAL transportation option of the streets, Martı offers you an affordable, instant and short distance travel experience that makes it fun.
 Martı makes city life easier with smart vehicle tracking technologies and rentable Electric Scooters and Mopeds developed by Turkish engineers, join Martı Scooter & Moped users now!
 How to use the Seagull Electric Scooter?
 - Download the Martı Electric Scooter & Moped app!
 - Look at the Seagull Scooters around you on the map and go to the Seagull Scooter of your choice
 - Press START DRIVE button from the app, scan the QR code of the Martı Scooter, unlock, check your brakes
 - When you push the Marti Scooter with your foot and press the gas button, it will start to move.
 - Get on the Seagull Scooter and enjoy the ride.  Please use the scooter according to the traffic rules
 - When your journey is over, lock the Marti Electric Scooter properly and take the photo
 How to use the Martı Moped?
 - Download the Martı Electric Scooter & Moped application.
 - Find the nearest Seagull Moped on the map
 - Press the START DRIVE button from the application, scan the QR code on the Martı Moped and make the controls.
 - The helmet bag will open automatically, remove the cable connected to the helmet and put on the helmet.  Don't forget to close the helmet bag
 - Fold the center stand or side stand.
 - When you are ready to drive, pressing the horn will activate the Martı Moped.
 - When you turn the throttle on the right, the Martı Moped will start to move forward.
 - Get on the Seagull Moped and enjoy the ride.  Please use the Moped according to the traffic rules
 - When you want to finish the ride, raise the center stand and park the Seagull Moped safely without affecting the footpaths.
 - Open the helmet bag, insert the helmet and plug in the cable.
 - When closing the bag, make sure that you do not leave any special items inside.
 - Take a full photo of the Martı Moped with its license plate and finish the ride.
 When can you use Seagull?
 You can use Martı whenever you want.  Don't forget that you have to obey the traffic rules while driving the Seagull Scooter or the Seagull Moped alone!

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