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Join millions of travelers around the world and embark on remarkable journeys.  Using half the storage space of many other navigation apps, iGO Navigation is an offline app that guides you on adventures around the world.

 We avoid distraction by only including the features that help you the most.  Just you and the world around you as we believe the journey should happen between the traveler and the world, not between the traveler and their phone.
 The iGO Navigation app is for people who believe in a simpler form of exploration but want a helpful guide to get them in the right direction, whether in their hometown, a new country or across a continent.  The award-winning full-service app now improves visuals, speeds up route calculation, reduces storage requirements and improves offline features.  In this way, it has become the best co-pilot to help you explore the world around you.
 Discover your inner traveler and hit the road like a pro.  No more getting lost, wasting time, locking onto your phones, searching for WiFi and getting distracted.  iGO Navigation: for important journeys.
 What does iGO Navigation offer?
 - More than 100 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Russia, Turkey
 - Half the storage of many other navigation apps, saving space for more important travel needs like photos, videos and music

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