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Welcome to the best fighting and strategy game where gods and heroes clash to achieve victory.

 Fight bravely, fight for your blood and glory in an epic fight.  This is the first fighting and strategy game where you can play and fight against epic enemies.
 Heroes, warriors and Roman Gods will defeat the enemy and conquer the world.  This is the ultimate clash of gods and heroes.  Step into the arena and prove that you are the best fighter in this clash of heroes, break the blood from victory when you succeed in the fight.
 You can play with the best gladiators, gods and heroes in this addictive fighting and strategy video game.
 Download this exciting and addictive fighting and strategy game and join the best fighting warriors in the battle with the gods!
 Valor and glory are at stake, and only the Roman Empire's best warriors will triumph.  The fight has begun, equip yourself with the best weapons and defeat the enemy warriors.
 Join the best fighting warriors in mortal, gladiator battle!  In Gladiator Heroes you can turn on or off the best weapons and resources in the game.  Plan your strategy and defeat other warriors.
 Go into battle with a well-planned strategy: In Gladiator Heroes, you are the hero of the game.  Apart from fighting with different weapons and against lots of enemies, you can buy and sell warriors and turn them into the best warriors in the Roman Empire in this incredible fighting and strategy game.
 Lead your battle team to an epic fight against the empire in the best fighting and strategy game.  Build your war strategy and defeat enemies from around the world.  Play the online event game mode and face unlimited moves.  Upgrade your fighting soldier with unique fighting skills and get all the weapons.

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