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The simplest program to track breastfeeding, milking and other activities of your baby.

With the push of a button, the baby feeding and care history will be saved in the app. You will be able to easily access your baby's growth history.

In the app, you can share baby data with your spouse, relatives or nannies. Data synchronization between multiple devices is available for free.

Use baby tracker features.

Lactation and milking:
- record the time and number of breastfeeding and/milking;
- make a note of which breast you last nursed or expressed milk from, to ensure that the next breastfeed/milking will start from the other breast;
- record breastfeeding/milking time;
- interrupt breastfeeding/milking if necessary;
- quickly add feeding/milking sessions with new dates from the most recently added similar records
- set the maximum feeding/milking time and the app will stop recording by itself if you are unable to press the stop button.

- consider all your child's fluid intake (water, breast milk, formula, juice, etc.);
- monitor your child's reaction to new drinks and take notes for yourself or other caregivers;
- set a default value for the amount of beverage (can be changed as needed);

Nutrition (solid foods)
- add solid foods that the child begins to eat (cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish);
- monitor your child's reaction to these new foods and take notes for yourself or other caregivers;
- set a default value for the amount of drink (can be changed as much as you want);

- better plan your day by recording baby sleep time and duration;
- compare your baby's sleep habits with recommended sleep guides
- add sleep reminders for your baby's ideal sleep pattern

- keep track of the number of diapers your baby gets dirty or wet. This information is very important for recognizing the symptoms of thirst, constipation, diarrhea and helps the pediatrician when necessary.

- track height and weight to assess baby's development.

Other Features of baby tracker:
- edit or delete events as you wish;
- setting reminders for various events;
- use the application in your native language;
- choosing your preferred unit of measure
- view statistics (select time frame, browse graphs, compare data);
- enter data for a few children or twins
And more!
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