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Crisis Action, mobile gameplay, precise 3D graphics, the first eSports First person to enter massive online multiplayer battle in real time.

In Crisis Action, you can enjoy the most gameplay, the most exciting action shooting game. We have many maps and powerful weapons, create your clan for free then play with your friends now!

- Game features -
 5th Anniversary Weapons Online
5th Anniversary series weapons have a great shape and powerful firepower. Use it in challenge or collect as a souvenir, log in to get one now!

 New Mode
Two new modes - Air raid & Gravity Zero, fly the helicopter or fight without gravity. Try totally different FPS!

 The Line Begins S5
Brand new season ranking rewards have been updated, fight for the highest glory and reclaim the awesome weapon!

 5th Anniversary Events Published
Series events were posted both in the game and on the special event page. Participate can freely get the permanent dragon and knight weapon.

How to play:

 Tactical mode: Defeat enemies and unlock special tactical skills to fight
 Doodle fight mode: Capture areas by spraying paint, enjoy an extraordinary and fun FPS!
 Dragon strike mode: Protect the base, defeat the mechanical dragon
 Wolfwere mode: Using limited weapons to defeat the player affected by the Wolvewere virus
 Mech mode: Drive the powerful machine and shoot the enemy!
 PVE challenge mode: Various games and much more fun to conquer the difficult hell.
 Bio parkour mode: Hurry up! Chase zombies or escape from predators.
 Ranked match: A variety of weapons and maps where you can choose to be # 1.
 Arena mode: Fight either as a team or as a Solo, skills are required!
 Leisure mode: Zero Gravity, Hide & Seek, and Cartoon Hero. Play for fun!
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