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Become the chosen one and help the ancient empire rise from the ruins in this adventurous match-3 game with a rich storyline, thrilling adventures and captivating characters!

Cradle of Empires is an exciting yet cool, calm and self-contained family-friend adventure. It takes you to a breathtaking saga that challenges your matching, building, and collecting skills. With the help of Nimiru and Egyptian immigrants, you can break Amrun's curse and restore the ancient civilization to its former glory. Take a step and become the secret weapon of the victory of good over evil!


? Unique blend of gameplay: You play matches at the same time, you build a big city and go on an adventure? How awesome is that?
? Mega-dimensional adventure: You will dive into this adventurous story with unique chaos, thrilling missions and unforgettable characters.
Old cities and civilizations: Collect resources by playing match-3 levels that will help you rebuild evil destroyed cities.
Different game modes: You play 6 different match 3 modes, a variety you cannot find anywhere else.
Lots of power-ups: You can earn a range of bonuses, power-ups and talismans - using them you will develop your own strategy.
Regular updates: Your new adventures will never end with new buildings, missions, bonuses, levels and brand new civilizations in future updates.
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