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Clue menstrual tracker is a free app that helps you discover unique patterns in your menstrual cycle using science.

Use Clue as a menstrual calendar to track your periods, ovulation, PMS, and fertile days (fertile period).
Your period is not as simple as it seems!
Clue is a menstrual tracking application that teaches you your body.
With Clue, your menstrual cycle will no longer be a secret. Follow over 30 health categories and start seeing patterns!
Find out how your monthly cycle affects your skin, hair, energy, cravings and moods. Are you planning a pregnancy? Or do you want to get pregnant? Use Clue as a menstrual calendar to calculate your ovulation period and your fertile days (fertile period). Alternatively, save birth control and set birth control pill reminders. Clue is your friend at doctor visits. Bring Clue to your next gynecologist appointment, the entire menstrual cycle is at your disposal! Use the Clue Menstrual Calendar for? Track your menstruation and find out when your next cycle will start? Keep track of your menstrual discharge, PMS symptoms, ovulation, and your menstrual products? Get accurate menstrual predictions and calendar reminders before your next period, PMS and ovulation. Use Clue's menstrual calendar to easily view past periods, PMS, ovulation days, as well as future predictions for the next three periods.
Personal Reminders
Set personal reminders for your next menstruation, PMS, ovulation cycle and fertile period
Save birth control and set birth control pill reminders Free Menstrual Calendar & Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calendar
View menstrual predictions, PMS and fertility predictions for the next three menstrual cycles
Keep a menstrual diary and record your period days
Plan your pregnancy and track your fertility (ovulation period) interval with the ovulation calculator? Track basal body temperature (BBT) for more accurate ovulation and fertility predictions
Perfect if you are trying to get pregnantFitness and Health Tracker for Women and Teens
Record your energy levels daily and find out how your menstrual cycle affects your fitness routine
Plan your exercises according to your cycle? Watch moods and emotions throughout the cycle Understand the scientific side of the cycle:
Personal analysis of current and past cycles, plus an overall average to easily observe trends? Read detailed explanations about the menstrual cycle supported by medical and scientific references.
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