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We have been providing uninterrupted and completely free service on for 6 years for live exchange rates, live gold prices, commodity prices, stock market Istanbul stocks and index, bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and all other symbols, to be the only finance application on your phone from now on. we are here too.

Enjoy using our simplified interface with our Dark or Live Currency theme, without annoying ads and free of charge for any features!


* Get instant, uninterrupted access to Live Exchange Rates and Gold Prices.

* Add the exchange rate, gold or any other symbols you want to your portfolio page and watch all your interests live from one place.

* Currency, Gold, Stock (bist) and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. with live chat. Share your comments about all symbols and markets, follow them instantly.

* Make instant calculations with Currency Converter, calculator.

* With the wallet feature, you can instantly follow the profit / loss status of your investments in your bank accounts or under the pillow.

* Bring your portfolio to the home screen of your phone with the Live Currency widget / plugin.

* Set as many alarms as you want for any symbol such as foreign currency and gold prices, and we will inform you instantly when the value you set is reached.

* Get instant access to different exchange rates such as dollar, ruble, euro, yen, sterling, dinar, japanese yen and many more gold prices such as Quarter, Half, Full (Republic), 14 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat gold (gram gold)

* Get instant access to popular crypto (digital) currency prices, charts and comments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin.

* Access Borsa İstanbul Stock and Index Prices

* Access the foreign exchange and gold buying and selling rates of the Central Bank (CBRT), Ziraat Bank, Garanti, Akbank, Halkbank, Vakıfbank, QNB Finansbank and other banks.

* Get economic news and technical analysis from the most successful sources in one place.

* Take a trip to the past with weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly and annual chart options for currency, gold, stock market, index, parity, commodity and cryptocurrencies.

* Currency, bank exchange information of gold prices.

* Instantly follow free market exchange rates, indoor market exchange rates and indoor market gold prices.

* Free market prices other than Paribu, btcturk, koinim, koineks, bitstamp, bitfinex, kraken
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