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Binnaz is always with you!

Millions of users from all over the world come to Binnaz to have real fortune tellers read Tarot and Coffee, get their astrological analysis done and meet with spiritual counselors live. In addition to coffee and Tarot fortune telling, different types of fortune telling, detailed map interpretation and personal development sessions are waiting for you at Binnaz!

Hundreds of real fortune tellers!

The most beautiful feature of Binnaz is that it hosts more than 600 real fortune tellers, astrologers and spiritual advisors. Coffee and Tarot are the most classic examples of fortune telling. However, you can have live sessions in Binnaz with fortune tellers who are experts in other types of fortune-telling, which are at least as widespread as coffee and Tarot, and you can access all the information you are curious about.

Our world, which started with fortune telling, has grown over time!
Binnaz started its journey as a fortune telling site. In addition to methods such as tarot, coffee and dream interpretation, fortune-telling types such as Katina and clairvoyance took their place on our site. With hundreds of clients, we touch the lives of thousands of people from all over the world every day. Tarot cards, dream interpretation, coffee fortune, clairvoyant horoscope… We find out which truth you wonder is hidden. The meanings of tarot cards, traces of coffee grounds, the news that comes with dream interpretation can shed light not only on the mysteries of today, but also on the past and even the future. Our commentators, who are true professionals in their fields, collect all these tips with you.

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