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Backgammon is a simple racing game. The goal is to move the stones to your home by moving them on the board.

After all your 15 pieces are in the house, you can collect your pieces from the board. The first player to collect all their pieces from the board wins the game. While skill is extremely important in the game, the fact that moves depend on the roll of the dice introduces the luck factor. Thus, even a beginner can sometimes beat a world champion.

Backgammon is a game that has been played around the world for thousands of years. The Backgammon version of ZingMagic allows you to play Backgammon, the favorite of the board games, to a high standard anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its crisp graphics and powerful game engine, you can play an exciting game regardless of your skill level. You won't understand how time flies with this game of ZingMagic in which the classic Backgammon plays out.

Game features:
* Possibility to play against the computer or against another player on the same device.
* Computer game levels ranging from beginner to advanced.
* Especially advanced level, high quality artificial intelligence engine.
* Information about all the official rules of backgammon, especially the rules for collecting stones.
* Option to play with folding dice.
* Options for appearance, game board and tile set.
* Fully undo and repeat movements.
* Do not show the last move.
* Tips.
* Backgammon is just one part of our extensive collection of the best of classic board, card and puzzle games that can be played on a wide variety of platforms.
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