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Android Auto brings the best features of your phone to your car's screen.  Tap to get driving directions or speak to send a text message.  Even call your loved ones without using your hands.  Android Auto has been developed to keep you focused and enjoying the road.  To bring your Android applications to your car's screen, simply plug the phone into the car or connect wirelessly.

 talk to google
 • Use your voice to control your apps.  This way, you can't take your eyes off the road and your hands on the steering wheel.
 • To get help from Google, say “Ok Google”, tap the microphone on the screen, or press the button on the steering wheel.

 Go from Point A to Point B
 • Create a route to your next destination with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts from popular navigation apps.
 • Get real-time updates on your route, ETA, and hazards.

 Stay connected while driving
 • Make hands-free calls and answer calls with just a touch.
 • Send and receive messages with your voice using text or many popular messaging apps.
 • Check your calendar and follow the route given for your appointment with just one click.

 Enjoy fun along the way
 • Listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks.
 • Get the latest news with the help of Google.

 The number of compatible applications is increasing!  For a full list of compatible apps, go to

 To use Android Auto, you need a phone running Android 6.0 or later, an active data connection, and a compatible car or head unit.  To learn more about compatibility, visit

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