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Install "always on" on your phone or tablet.
 Keep your screen on all the time.
 The first open source always-on app!

 This idea was developed so that users can be informed about the time, date, notifications and more without touching their phones.  Just by looking.

 This is possible thanks to AMOLED screens.  The screen remains black except for a few pixels.

 • Always-on display
 • Notifications - see notifications without touching your device
 • Automatic rules - save your battery using predefined rules
 • Automatic motion - preventing AMOLED screen burn
 • Auto night mode - Automatically dim the brightness in dark environment
 • Pocket mode - Automatic locking to save power when you put the device in your pocket
 • Wake up by double tap + Wake up by swiping up + Wake up by using volume keys + Wake up by back button
 • Screen orientation - Determine which orientation the screen stays in
 • Personalization - Customize text color, size, screen brightness and more

 Please grant "top visible apps" permission before using.

 This app is still in BETA stage, there are still bugs and missing features.

 camera permission
 It needs this permission to close the app for quick camera opening.
 phone permission
 It is needed to turn off the "always on" screen for incoming calls and redirect to the incoming call screen.
 Permission to change system properties
 It needs permission to change system properties to change lock screen brightness.

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