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Imagine an app;  who knows you, makes a campaign on the products you love, lots of discounts
 offering and earning balance.  We dreamed too!  HERE IS THE A101 Plus!
 Are you ready for a brand new A101 store shopping experience with A101 Plus?
 Now let's tell you how the A101 Plus works.  A101 Plus recognizes and understands you.  their needs,
 keeps in mind the products you love, the campaigns you want.  Then come lots of campaigns.
 How, sounds good, right?
 This Campaign Is Special For You!
 We will get to know you more in time.  Special for Me campaigns on the Campaigns page
 just special for you.  Out of tomatoes in the cupboard?  You just looked, it's a special tomato campaign for you.
 Isn't it very good?
 We are so sure you will love our coupon offers!
 When Birşah shopped from 1 L of milk, Bread, 5 L of Water and Greens on 10 different days, this
 We are giving away one of the products.  “Do I have to take it every day?”  We can hear you say.
 No of course!  Take it when you need it, track your progress.  These products in each purchase are a
 earns coupons.  10 Coupons 1 gift item!  When you win a gift product, your coupon will be torn to you.
 will let you know.
 It's very easy to win and follow everything!
 “I have collected 10 coupons, won a gift.  What about now?"  don't think so.  As we said everything
 very easy.  After the cashier passes the products, read the A101 Plus QR code to the reader.  for that product
 We will not charge you.  We stand behind our word.
 Don't miss yourself, don't miss the 'If You Come Today' discount!
 We have reason to shop from A101 every day: “IF YOU COME TODAY”.  one every day
 There are lots of discounts on the product.  First place to look after waking up in the morning A101 Plus Today
 If you come campaign.  If the missing item in your kitchen is on sale that day, you don't want to miss it.
 me?  We don't want it either, we'll let you know about discounts and campaigns.
 Did you see their balance?
 What if we say your shopping gives you a balance?  Isn't it very good?  This Week products on A101 Plus
 and special campaigns give you balance.  Apply every day for more balance
 check it.  Buy from the products in the campaign that you will earn balance.  Great balance shopping
 we hope.
 Want to spend your balances?  Spend, of course, you earned just because you spent it.
 Shop freely as you wish with these balances.  After scanning the A101 Plus QR code,
 To our cashier friend, “I will pay with my balance.”  Suffice to say.  all of your purchases or
 Pay some of it, however much you want, with your balance.  If you want, save your monthly shopping
 get it for free.  It's on us to earn the balance, it's on you to spend it.  A little note, your health
 We care, the balance is not valid for credits and tobacco products.  What's wrong with buying an apple instead?
 do you think?  We love apples <3
 Search far!  All posters are on A101 Plus!  You Got It, Stars of the Week and much more
 more than.  All our posters are on A101 Plus.  We also have surprises.  Finger print on posters
 Do not miss any details with the magnifying glass that opens when you hold it.  In addition, 10 TL and Over on your QR code page
 We also included our banner products for your shopping.
 We put their products at your fingertips.
 What's on A101 Plus This Week?
 What is not?  There are loads of products out there that save loads of balance.  Well the brand new app itself
 Don't you have a special poster?  This Week products balance you on A101 Plus on the homepage
 it gives.
 In A101 Plus, every road leads to A101 stores!
 Want to get directions to the nearest A101 to use your A101 Plus?  on the home page
 Just press Where is the nearest A101 to me?  After giving location permission, the nearest
 We show the A101s, give directions.
 The most profitable QR code, A101 Plus QR Code!
 Scan A101 Plus QR Code in all your shopping, benefit from special offers, balance
 earn, spend balance.  Earn coupons, get gift items.  Get it all done with a QR code!
 We continue to improve our application with brand new features.  Keep the app updated
 Don't miss the innovations!

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