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ApkShare   ApkShare v20210205

managing application for android

Applock   Applock 1.0.7

application encryption

Yandex.Disk   Yandex.Disk 4.83

mobile file upload

Unified Remote   Unified Remote 3.18.0

Unified Remote download

TunnelBear VPN   TunnelBear VPN 3.5.24

TunnelBear VPN download

TripAdvisor   TripAdvisor 39.6

TripAdvisor download

RemoDroid   RemoDroid 1.0.10

connect from one pocket to another

AirMore   AirMore 1.6.5

AirMore download

Box   Box 5.15.46

synchronized cloud storage application

Adobe Acrobat Reader   Adobe Acrobat Reader

pdf reader for android

Axess Mobil   Axess Mobil 1.8.8

axess card mobile app

Moon+ Reader   Moon+ Reader 6.4

Reading books on android

Flashlight   Flashlight 1.78

android flashlight app

Hibernator -  Hibernate apps   Hibernator - Hibernate apps 2.18.0

battery saving and performance application