Magic Rush: Heroes Download Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.231

Magic Rush: Heroes is a revolutionary revolution in the world with talent targeting. Featuring an exciting, real-time 1e1 Stairway Tournament, fun multiplayer World Map battles, Castle Defense where you'll be addicted and more! <br> Many different types of entertainment experience gathered in an extraordinary game. <br> Targeting Skills The decision is yours! Using precise controls; stuns, silences, strikes, and good practices to hinder the enemy's abilities. Dominate this mix of strategy and tactics, the win is really in your hands! <br> <br> Hero Development <br> Various hero types, dozens of heroes and hundreds of unique talents. Take your place against the storm with different hero combinations. Unlock unique capabilities by developing equipment, developing tablets, and developing weapons. Advanced Equipment System <br> <br> <br> Stairs Tournament <br> Global playground level, prohibition

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