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Fun Turkish Word Game, let's get started right now. New version shows the wrong words instantly. Features of our game:

The word is everywhere! If you want to whether the mobile device can play on your computer.
can open the game up to 20 at the same time, you can continue to play this way without the wait.
invite to play your friends by logging in with your Facebook account, old and new friends are with you can play reciprocal. If you wish
can also play the game with random players can make new friends.
you can chat with people in your face while playing the game.
can turn off ads PRO membership, points You can automatically calculate, open a serial game, increase the number of games that can be opened at the same time, you can reach detailed statistics and different pro view. It is also gift the letter table feature to PRO members and we open at the 10-person buddy list feature.
can calculate your score automatically instant with automatic score calculator.
with Series game options minute, you can open the game with some of the moves while .
with letter table, which you can learn how many letters that remain. with
friends list you can add people you frequently play the game and you can reach them easily.
can change your color profile frame with colored frame.

Our game is being developed continuously according to the requests from you. You can send all your suggestions and criticisms to, https:

Kelimelik,Kelimelik download

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